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Gargoyle 53 (2008)

ISBN-13: 978-0931181283

53rd issue of an international literary magazine based in the Washington, D.C. area. This volume features an amazing cover by Rikki Ducornet and James C. L. Brown's provocative essay on Daisy's "Passing" in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." The new issue is also jam-packed with fiction, poetry, and nonfiction by Roberta Allen, Nin Andrews, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Victoria Bond, Mary Ann Cain, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Sandra M. Castillo, Kelly Cherry, Deborah Elliott Deutschman, Alex Grant, Elizabeth Hanly, Myronn Hardy, Amy Holman, Esther Iverem, George Kalamaras, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Laurence Klavan, Zane Kotker, Doug Lawson, Reb Livingston, Jonathan Lyons, Anne Marsella, Mark Maxwell, Jean McGarry, Daniel Mueller, Lance Olsen, Mary Overton, Cheryl Pallant, Jim Peterson, Holly Prado, Doug Rice, Peter Jay Shippy, Mark Smith-Soto, Laurel Snyder, Amy Bracken SParks, Richard Spilman, Laura-Gray Street, Dan Stryk, Elizabeth Swados, D.A. Taylor, Eleanor Ross Taylor, Lee Upton, Paul West, Christina Yu, and lots more. Photos from Burning Man by Mike Woolson round out the issue.

Visiting Hours (2008)

ISBN-13: 978-0981628042

"Our great Western myth is that we are a people predisposed to progress, to forward motion, to action, and it’s true that when we tell our stories, if we’re good at telling our stories, we learn to give our listeners what they’re listening for, what Aristotle called What Happens Next. Action is eloquence, Shakespeare said. And yet so much happens between the action, in the quiet, between our ears, among the Hows and Whys and What Ifs we can articulate, and the Huhs we can’t. Here we must consult our great philosopher from Alabama, one Charles Barkley: If ifs were gifts, every day would be Christmas.” ~ from the Introduction by Kyle Minor. Editor Daniel E, Wickett brings together an impressive cast of writers―Benjamin Percy, T.M. McNally, Quinn Dalton, Max Ruback, Beth Ann Bauman, Philip F. Deaver, Steven Gillis, James R. Cooley, Jim Nichols, Pamela Erens, Joseph Freda, Nancy Ginzer, David Abrams, Gabriel Welsch, Rochelle Distelheim, Kaytie M. Lee, Patry Francis, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Ron Rash, Bill Roorbach, Michael Mlliken, and Roberta Israeloff―to tell their stories of what happens between the action.

Literary Cash (2006)

ISBN-13: 978-1933771038

The legendary lyrics of Johnny Cash are the inspiration for this collection of extraordinarily creative works that provides a new spin on this musical legend. For nearly five decades, Cash captivated audiences with his unique voice and candid portrayal of the gritty life of a working man, and his songs continue to strike a chord with listeners today. But it is the stories behind the music that remain with audiences and provide the inspiration for the work in this thoughtful compilation of fiction and non-fiction from contributors such as Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Don Cusic, Gretchen Moran Laskas, Amanda Nowlin, and Russell Rowland.

Flirting with Pride & Prejudice (2005)

ISBN-13: 978-1932100723

One of fiction's most well-loved novels, this 19th-century classic continues to capture the hearts of contemporary readers with its notions of marriage, dating, and romance. Leading authors in the area of women's literature and romance contribute to this fresh collection of essays on everything from Lydia's scandalous marriage to George Wickham to the female-dominated Bennett household and the emphasis placed on courtship and marriage. Contributors include Jo Beverly, Alesia Holliday, Mercedes Lackey, Joyce Millman, and Jill Winters. This compilation is an excellent companion for both those new to Jane Austen and well-versed Austen-philes.

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