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A dog tries his best to keep his two co-parenting owners and their happiness afloat in this hilarious and touching sequel to Joint Custody by Lauren Baratz-Logsted and Jackie Logsted.

The Man is happy. The Woman is happy. That means Gatz is happy. He'd like to forget about the trouble he made to get them back together—only slightly ashamed at his antics—and focus on the future. The Woman and New Man are about to get married, after all. But when The Woman loses her job because of some bad press about the two of them, her confidence is broken and she can't help but feel resentful towards New Man when his own career stays intact. Gatz has to give it to him; New Man remains as patient as a saint (of course he does).

The Man is doing better, too, thanks to the New Woman in his life, who just so happens to be a writer as well. But two authors in the same relationship can sometimes be one too many, and they find themselves getting quite competitive with each other. But Gatz has faith in them—The Man did learn from his mistakes, didn't he?

Gatz doesn't know what happened to these two perfectly happy couples, but he knows one thing is for sure: not all families are alike, and happiness can be found in the unlikeliest pockets—just like treats!



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“A laugh-out-loud rom-com set in New York City’s publishing world…This touching, hilarious outing is worthy of two paws up.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

A mischievous dog takes matters into his own paws when his beloved owners split up in this offbeat romantic comedy. 

The Man has custody Monday through Friday, The Woman has custody on the weekends. But that’s not enough for Gatz, who will do anything to bring them back together—even if it kills him. And it almost did. Of course he knows chocolate is bad for him, especially two whole pounds of it, but it’s the risk he’s willing to take to get them back together. 

Gatz knows that The Man and The Woman are perfect for each other—how can they not see it too? She is an editor and he’s a writer. She’s a social butterfly and he’s as introverted as a guy can get.  After the misguided death-by-chocolate attempt, Gatz thinks he still has time. But when New Man—so handsome, so nice, so perfect—enters The Woman’s life, he realizes he’ll need to step up his game. And you know what they say: drastic times call for drastic doggy measures.  

A laugh-out-loud romance that will touch your heart and make you want a furry friend of your own.



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"Baratz-Logsted weaves in just enough history to root Mamie's story in her time, a moment when a nation came together and felt proud of human possibilities. . . . Readers will be charmed by Mamie's story of hope in a difficult moment in American history." - Kirkus 

2021 Hawaii Nene Award, Fiction Nominee


2021 Colorado Children's Book Award Nominee, Junior Division 

2021 New Mexico Land of Enchantment Book Award List (grades 6-8)
2019 Housatonic Book Award Finalist

2018-2019 Florida Sunshine State Young Readers Award List, Grades 3-5

Amazon Editors' Pick Best Books of June 2017

Semifinalist: GoodReads Choice Awards 2017 Best Middle Grade and Children's Book

National Council for Social Studies/Children's Book Council Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People 2018

The Planetary Society Recommended Space Books for Kids of All Ages 2017

The National Science and Engineering Council of Canada list of books for Science Literacy Week 2018

2018-2019 Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award Intermediate Grade list

2018-19 Maine Student Book Award Reading List 

TriState Books of Note 2018 (Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey

2018-19 Alabama Camellia Children's Choice Book Award Nominee, 4th-5th Grade Fiction

2018 Connecticut Book Award Finalist

2019-2020 Nebraska Golden Sower Award Nominee
2019 Spirit of Texas Middle School List

2019-2020 Triple Crown Award Nominee

It's 1969 and the country is gearing up for what looks to be the mostexciting moment in U.S. history: men landing on the moon. Ten-year-oldMamie's class is given an assignment to write letters to the astronauts. All the girls write to Neil Armstrong ("So cute!") and all the boyswrite to Buzz Aldrin ("So cool!"). Only Mamie writes to Michael Collins, the astronaut who will come so close but never achieve everyone else'sdream of walking on the moon, because he is the one who must stay out in space with the ship.
After school ends, Mamie keeps writing toMichael Collins, taking comfort in telling someone about what's going on with her family as, one by one, they leave the house thinking thatsomeone else is taking care of her--until she is all alone except forher cat and her best friend, Buster. And as the date of the launchnears, Mamie can't help but wonder: Does no one stay with the ship anymore?

With I Love You, Michael Collins, Lauren Baratz-Logsted has created a heartwarming story about family and being true to yourself.

A Margaret Ferguson Book



Wonderfully funny with a fine sense of absurd and a flair for comic characterization.

A Kirkus Starred Review



There are so many quotable moments in (Baratz-Logsted)'s books that I could spend page after page quoting them.


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